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Vevnåler – 2 stk

Vevnåler – 2 stk

2,35mm x 15cm

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These weaving and packing needles made of hardened steel are suitable for sewing coarsely-woven materials such as jute, wool, or linen, and for weaving itself. The weaving needle’s specially-polished, rounded tips are gentle both when weaving and when sewing the material. Thick yarn can be threaded very easily thanks to the packing needle’s large and long eyelet. Its flattened, curved spear tip can also be used to powerfully pierce through thick, hard, and tense material. These special needles are used for coarsely sewing sacks, mats or other thickly-woven, firm materials. This special tip shape coupled with a cleanly-worked surface and a large, burr-free eye make these needles professional tools for work with coarsely-woven materials.