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Monteringsnåler – 3 stk

Monteringsnåler – 3 stk

72 x 2.6 mm
89 x 3.1 mm
101 x 3.2 mm

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This set consisting of three wool needles are specially-designed for work with knitting mills, knitting dolls, and loom products. They are made of plum and grey plastic, have a large eye to easily thread wool. The grey needle is equipped with a curved, rounded tip for lifting meshes. Both plum-coloured needles have a straight, rounded tip. These wool needles are extremely stable, yet flexible and are also suitable for universal use when working with wool. The package contains 3 needles in sizes 72 x 2.6 mm, 89 x 3.1 mm, and 101 x 3.2 mm.