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Go Handmade – Bohème Velvet “fine”

Bohème Velvet “Fine” er et super mykt velurgarn med en flott struktur.

Innhold: 100% polyester
Vekt/lengde: 50 g = ca. 190 m
Anbefalt pinne: 2,5 – 3,5 mm
Strikkefasthet: 30 m = 10 cm
Maskinvask, maks 40°C / Tørkes flatt



Perfect for knitting and crochet – clothes, home accessories and of course animals. You will love the touch of this original velvet yarn. It is quality at its best.

The yarn is not only of exquisite quality, but also comes with an AZO certificate, and hence is a yarn that everyone can feel very safe in using. An AZO certificate documents that the yarn has been tested and approved in accordance with current European regulations.


Go Handmade - BV "fine"

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